Are Any Donuts Good For a Weight Loss Diet?

You may be wondering, Are any donuts good for a dieting program? After all, you’ve been told to avoid them, but what exactly are they really worth it? Well, the short answer is that they’re not. But that doesn’t mean you should never have them! As long as you’re aware of the risks, you can enjoy a donut or two a week without guilt!

A donut is only a few hundred calories, so it’s unlikely that you’ll gain too much weight from it. But you can still get a small donut if you’re a dieting beginner. Mini donuts have fewer calories and so make you feel like you’re eating more. Just don’t indulge too much though! If you’re in the Tampa area, there’s a great mini doughnut shop called the Mini Doughnut Factory!

Sugar is bad for you. It takes energy for the body to break down and process, and can cause a sugar crash later in the day. Eating doughnuts is an honorable indulgence if you want one, but eating them mindlessly can be counterproductive. Instead of letting sugar control your life, try thinking about why you want it. Only then will you be able to stop mindless snacking and binge-eating.

The best way to enjoy a doughnut is to have it occasionally. A few donuts a week is better than none at all. Just remember to limit your portions and keep your sugar intake to a minimum. Also, remember that donuts are high in calories and carbohydrates. A single donut is not going to make you skinny or morbidly obese – it’s about quantity!

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