Can I Get a Real Estate License After High School?

Yes! After high school, you can become a real estate agent. There are several options to get your license, including online and in-person programs. Online programs typically require you to watch videos online. In-person courses may require you to attend a first-class meeting and complete written exams. You should choose a real estate school that teaches you both the technical aspects of the industry and real-world experiences. If you are unsure of the requirements, you can contact the school directly or read information on their website.

New York requires applicants to complete 75 hours of prelicensing education. To get started, you must pass an exam at the school. In New York, the exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is valid for two years. You can take these courses online or at a real-world location, depending on your schedule and availability. To take the exam, you must be a U.S. citizen and have a high school diploma.

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To become a licensed real estate agent in most states, you must be at least 18 years old, complete 60 hours of pre-licensing education and pass the Salesperson Examination. You will also need to undergo a background check and be fingerprinted. After that, you must take continuing education classes and complete a minimum of 15 hours every two years. You can also earn a real estate license with your high school education and work experience.

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