Importance of Essay Writing in the Life of Students

Essay writing is an essential part of education from primary to graduation. In each of these levels, each student should be able to write essays before moving on to the next level. Writing top-notch essays is not always a simple task, making the students hate such homework. An essay is a short or formal piece of writing whose primary focus is to support or present the subject of discussion. It is derived from a Latin word which means to represent a case.

While writing a descriptive essay, argumentative essay, explanatory essay, review or analytical essay, the outlined procedure has to be followed. In academics, it mainly has three parts, i.e. introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction provides the reader with sufficient information about the topic you are discussing. The body is the central part which gives an in-depth analysis of the subject with evidence. The last section is the conclusion which summarises the information which is discussed in the essay.

To write an essay about various historical events, students can refer to the Class 9 History Chapter 1 MCQ. It contains answers to most of the essential questions related to History in a simple to understand form. It mainly reduces the time the students spend researching a particular topic before writing it down.

Why Should Students Practice Writing Essays?

  1. Writing essays improves the fundamental skills and functions in students’ academic performance, making it helpful for them.
  2. It enables students to perfect their writing throughout their learning process and also in their profession.
  3. It improves an organised and formal method of writing among students, passing information without any doubt.
  4. It organises thoughts about what topic and improves a distinct writing style and vocabulary.
  5. It helps in scoring good marks in their academics and sets a strong foundation for communicating with others with their essays.
  6. It offers various materials to cross-check and research, which increases the knowledge of various happenings in the world.
  7. It provides a good value among their social circle, such as friends, colleagues, relatives etc., during communication on various topics.

Why is an Essay Critical in Learning?

  1. Essay writing enhances students’ critical thinking skills and their ability to find a solution for a particular problem.
  2. It provides the students with chances to assess various arguments to come out with good answers.
  3. It helps students to curate essays in a way to engage the readers while reading their piece of work.
  4. Improves knowledge of different subjects like religion, language, History etc., which are crucial in essay writing.
  5. Students will be able to review various examples and arguments that make learning effective.
  6. Essay writing will improve basic writing skills, grammar, communication and spelling, which is essential even in their workplace.
  7. It provides a good knowledge of how a particular piece of writing can be made accurately based on the readers’ viewpoint.

Writing an essay is equal to knowing your level of knowledge in a particular subject. For this reason, students should be encouraged to practice writing essays right from primary school. For more reference, Television Essay provides a simple idea of how one can write an essay effectively. It also shows the use of appropriate examples and happenings from the past to engage the students in knowing more.

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