Learn What is Repoker in Football with the dealer 789bet

What is repoker? has been and is a topic of interest to players who love football betting at Because this is a record that confirms the strength of the team before the match. Catching details about the repoker will help you conveniently make comments when watching the match.

What is repoker? 

When choosing to bet on football, players at 789BET will need to select and watch a match. At this point you will come across separate concepts, notably repoker. This is the term for a player who has scored 5 goals throughout the same match. Repoker is also considered an achievement that only extremely skilled players or teams can perform.

Normally to maintain 3-4 goals is already a difficult thing. However, for the repoker, the player who scored 5 goals proves this is a spectacular hat-trick. Football bettors can take this as the key to determining and choosing which team has the potential to win.

Understand what the concept of a repoker is in football

What is the repoker scoring method?

In football, repoker is not an achievement that everyone achieves. Above all, they need skills as well as certain standards to score 5 goals in the match. With the house 789BET learn the methods and regulations as follows:

Learn the skill of scoring repoker with 789BET

From understanding What is repoker? , you have noticed that players will need to score 5 goals a game. This is very difficult in practice, most players want to hit one goal during their career. Accordingly, the skills for this achievement are as follows:

  • Good dribbling technique to bring the ball to the opponent’s goal many times without being caught.
  • The ability to coordinate with teammates in a harmonious way to create goals.
  • The team also needs good skills, flexible pass handling.
  • The player’s running speed is fast, good health and high ability to handle situations.
  • Capture and calculate the opponent’s strategy right on the pitch,…
  • Know your own strength, pursue the repoker at the right time.

What are the rules about celebrating for repoker?

In football there are separate rules for players to celebrate when they win. For the repoker, this is a very proud achievement, so the celebration cannot fail to take place. They will be proud of this achievement together with their teammates, showing off to the fans. You can even perform certain dances or movements to assert yourself.

The general rules of football allow for player celebrations but do not go on too long. Because the common goal is still to run out of time and determine the winner. Along with that, the player absolutely must not take off his shirt because it may be a yellow card violation.

Each player has a different way of celebrating when scoring a repoker

Some repoker scoring records in football

As explained What is repoker?  then you see this achievement not everyone can achieve. Especially for football matches with the presence of many big teams. So the players who scored 5 goals in the match all confirmed their names. Together with 789BET take a look at the 3 names that made the record such as:

Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7)

Cristiano Ronaldo is a familiar player loved and cared for by many fans. Because, CR7’s competitive skills are always highly appreciated and achieved many achievements. One of the victories that this player born in 1985 achieved was repoker.

Specifically, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 goals in a row 2 times. The first time was the match between Real Madrid club and Granada, the second time was the match between Portugal and Espanyol. In addition, CR7 also leads the world when holding 5 European Golden Balls and 4 European Golden Shoes.

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Radamel Falcao

Another player 789BET shares with you is Radamel Falcao. He was born in 1986 and became a member of the Rayo Vallecano club and the Colombian national team. From 2007 until now, Radamel Falcao has become a player with extremely good playing skills.

Regarding the repoker, he scored 5 goals throughout the match between Atletico and Deportivo. This achievement of Radamel Falcao has confirmed a great echo on his career path.

Lionel Messi (M10)

When I find out What is repoker? , you will find this is an extremely difficult record. Accordingly, Lionel Messi (M10) made them quickly in the Champions League. This created a big buzz in his career, helping fans always be proud of this player. Up to now, Messi has confirmed his skills even more when he has continuously achieved other achievements with the team.

Messi is one of the outstanding names scoring repoker

Thus, the member at the 789BET bookie has the answer What is repoker?  and related information. This is a high achievement that becomes a record in football to confirm the skill and name of the team. On the other hand, for those who make bets, it will be easy to evaluate and make a decision to choose that team.

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