Off-page Seo Is A Strategy To Build Credibility For The Website

Off-Page SEO is a strategy to build credibility for the website by increasing the Domain Authority value from making quality backlinks back to the website. Getting good and quality backlinks back can be done in several ways:

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– Make good content and consistently useful Until receiving referrals from other websites naturally

– Doing PBN is a Private Blog Network or a personal blog. Then refer those blogs to your main website.

– Doing a Guest Post is a request for space on other websites. to post an article May be done in the form of asking for sponsors or using the method of being a guest who creates quality content for that website. Then mention your website more and get more backlinks back opcritic.

– Request to exchange Backlinks with other websites

Of all these methods, it is possible to get your website backlinks, but not all backlinks are the best for you. Quality backlinks that can help you rank higher on Google really should be backlinks that come from your website. with high DA is a website that is still active regularly And it should be a site that might be in the same industry as yours. It will even help to make backlinks that are good for Google’s eyes as well.

So where can I check that backlinks are good?

You may try SEO tools to help, such as Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker, which can bring various websites to check the backlinks and the quality of the website by yourself.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to other technical matters. that you must know and do What details will there be? Let’s follow and watch together better.

– making sitemaps

Sitemaps are site maps. It’s like telling Google where your site is. How many pages does the website have? and how each page relates to each other

You will have to create a Sitemap and send it to Google to check. Which method of submitting Sitemaps will be sent through Google Search Console, go to the Google Search Console website, type domain name / sitemap_index.xml and press Submit **This is necessary to submit. Because otherwise, some pages may be dropped by Google.

– Create Robots.txt file

Another important thing that must be done is to create a Robots.txt file, which is to write a script to tell the bot (Bot) which page you want to go to collect data. so that bots can collect data more accurately

Anyone who uses various CMS such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Shopify, etc. can use Plug-ins to create files straight away. But if you write your own website, you will need to bring the Robots.txt file into the Web Hosting by creating a folder in /public_html/

– Redirecting 301

301 Redirect is a solution to website problems by redirecting URLs. It is used for websites that may create a new website and change the URL structure in different pages or for deleting that website page. If not doing a 301 redirect That will turn into a 404 not found page naamagazines.

Follow up on SEO results

In addition to doing SEO according to the steps that the orange cat told, Another important thing is Keeping track of your SEO results. How are you progressing? This will require additional dependency on tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google Analytics can be used for viewing Performance on the website as a whole, including the number of Users, channels that people enter. to tell you how many conversions

But if you want to track the organic search channel and see how much each keyword ranks. How many clicks and how many impressions are there? Google Search Console is required because this is a tool that helps people improve their keyword rankings.


For anyone who is just starting out in the SEO world, ranking success depends on your knowledge and willingness to do so, so if you’re starting to do so, try the orange cat’s advice in this article now. Guaranteed to help your website have a chance to rank better and more efficiently on Google. Without having to go through trial and error for sure lazydadreviews.




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