Originally, Tamil Rockers was only a site that allowed

Originally, Tamilrockers was only a site that allowed you to download Telugu movies, but soon expanded to include all types of content. Currently, Tamilrockers is one of the most popular Tamil websites, with translations into English and Hindi. Despite a global recession, Tamilrockers continues to grow, generating $30 million in revenue annually. In fact, Tamilrockers’ web traffic has tripled since the site was shut down, and it is not surprising to see the site expanding in popularity.

One of the best things about Tamilrockers is the sheer quantity of content and quality. Besides, the site is incredibly easy to navigate. The homepage lists popular torrent categories, making it easy to browse through and find the movies and TV shows you’re looking for. It also lets you submit reviews and rating of different shows and movies. You can even download big-budget movies the day they are released. But before you can enjoy these features, you’ll have to pay a fee to other service providers.

The website is updated with working links. You can also find new releases of popular movies on Tamil Rockers. Many popular Bollywood movies, including the latest releases, are leaking on Tamil Rockers. It’s illegal to download movies from these sites, but millions of people regularly visit them to download movies. In fact, Tamil Rockers has even helped make Hollywood movies available to millions of people from different countries. The site is known to be very popular amongst people who enjoy Indian movies.

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