Projects Related to Environmental Issues

Among the many topics to study for an upcoming project, environmental issues can include pollution and climate change. Human activity has led to an increase in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which lead to global warming and adverse effects on ocean life. Human activity also causes ecosystems to degrade, causing the loss of trees, which provide oxygen and help regulate the climate. Environmental issues can be the subject of a project to help solve one of these problems.

Many students will complete their capstone projects by investigating pressing environmental issues. Projects typically fall within the following categories, though many will cover more than one. Students interested in hosting an internship can contact their capstone instructor to find out more about possible projects. The following examples are just a few ideas that can inspire your future project. To view examples of projects addressing environmental issues, visit the UC Berkeley Environmental Initiative website.

Another great way to explore environmental issues is to get involved in community service. You can do this by taking part in a local environmental project. Check out Healthy Watershed Projects in Your Area, for example. GLOBE, a network of educators, scientists, and students from all over the world, also features many environmental projects conducted by students. A third great resource for finding projects is Service-Learning Education Beyond the Classroom, which highlights examples of environmental projects undertaken by students. It also has project ideas for students of all ages.

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