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Thanks for all the great feedback! Series Capitalwiggersventurebeat It has been a while, and we are happy to say that April has been a good one for us. We’ve gotten some nice notices from investors, which is always a bonus. The weather has been great, too. There have been no major droughts or clean up days (at least not in the Northwest). So far it’s been a good year for us! Wrong… wrong wrong wrong… wrong no right off course true but also very much on point of excellent construction quality and workmanship. The center component was toast in 2017, as we found out after our first stormy night there. Fortunately, there were plenty of more than enough contractors left to finish the job right with undercutting repair costs and labor costs. That being said, this project is not an easy one to do on your own time and money. If you are looking to build something new or renovate an existing building, this might just be what you’re looking for! In general though it would be best to read through the pros , ask questions and get answers from other experienced builders before investing your time & money into this project. Check out our checklist below: ✓✓PROS: You can trust Calgaret Construction Management Group to deliver quality work at competitive prices. They have over 20 years experience in construction management and have built many high-profile projects around the world such as the LaToya Miller Center in Memphis Tennessee.

What you can expect from this project:

– Concrete work to be poured in March. – Exterior work starting in May. – Renovation of existing building finished in August. – Contracting right away and timeline for reinvigoration in September. – Final cleanup of rubble after construction is complete. – Final thoughts

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