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The past few years have been a period of upheaval for the African diaspora. While the recent influx of young Africans into Europe and the Middle East has grown more visible, similar waves of immigrants have also moved southward from Africa. As a result, the number of Africans living in North America has increased by over 80% since 2000. Today, there are more than 40 million people of African origin in the U.S., and South Africa is home to around half of them. If you’re one of these ‘others’, you might as well take advantage of it! Read on to know what it’s like to be an afro-richer in America and how to avoid getting assimilated.

What is Afro-richer?

A ‘rare breed’ of African Americans living in the U.S, afro-richers are descended from the original group that settled in America. They are the oldest Afro-American race and the largest branch of the American Indian. Like all other African-American race, their origins lie in the Diaspora, which has been in exile for millennia. afro-richer people are generally larger, heavier and generally have darker skin than the general population. The term ‘rare breed’ is often used to describe Africans whose lineage is traced back to earlier populations living in the New World. Europeans may also be classified as ‘rare breed’ due to their relatively recent arrival in the U.S.

What does being afro-richer mean?

A Afro-richer is someone who cultivated their own unique form of African American culture and language. This is the belief that African Americans should have a distinct language and culture that is distinct from that of the rest of the world. There are a number of distinctively African-American cultural elements that distinguish a black person from other non-black people. These include their clothing, behaviors, food, music, and ways of doing things. The Afro-rich lifestyle is a result of a person’s struggle to survive in a post-civil rights America.

Why do people of African descent live in the U.S?

One of the main reasons people of African descent live in the U.S is to escape the authoritarianism, racism and other negative effects of the policies and culture of the majority African-American population. African Americans have been oppressed by the majority Western population since their arrival in the U.S. around 125 B.C., when they were among the original peoples of the land. A group of enslaved Africans who became known as the ‘Makee’ (神) were the first humans to arrive in what is now the U.S.

How to Avoid Being Afro-Rich in America

  1. Get out of debt When African-American families earn a income, they are often very ambitious about acquiring their share. This is especially true for families with children. If the family makes less than $40,000 per year and has a child under the age of 18 living in it, the family could be considered poor. If the person in charge of the children’s education is working outside the home, the family could be expected to support the child financially. A lack of financial support can be a significant problem for any family. If the people in charge of the family are not able to support their family, the child can easily become financially dependent on someone or something else. 2. Get a job Carefully consider the job market before making a decision on where to settle. The job market in the U.S is relatively competitive, and the unemployment rate is very low. However, the number of available jobs can be very tight, making it difficult to find a job. If someone you know is in their 30s or 40s and has not found a job recently, it’s generally a good sign that they are probably in their prime working years. It’s important to continue looking for work, but especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Find a job

The first thing to do if you want to become a successful black entrepreneur is to find a job. There are many opportunities in business, business management and law. However, it’s also important to find a job in sectors that will help you build your business and reach your full potential as a person. The best job market is one that blends all demographics – white, Asian, black and other. The best job opportunities are those where there is a mix of jobs, education and educational attainment. The best job is one that matches your various lifestyles and career goals.


The American dream is a very flexible concept. It can be applied to anyone who wants to pursue a fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether you are a working adult who wants to have a career and/or you are an original American who wants to remain as close to their original race as possible, the American dream is open to you.

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