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In Hollywood, a movie star is a person who plays a part in a film, and is known for his or her performance. Stars are also considered to be symbols of success. They can become an object of adoration and fascination. Several of the best movie stars have been immortalized in history.

The early silent movie studios were skeptical about creating a superstar. Even so, they realized fame would bring higher pay. Consequently, they began to hire their own publicity and production departments. These individuals were in charge of promoting films and packaging them. Although some of the early stars, such as James Dean, disdained the publicity departments, they were still responsible for their image.

Later, in the 1960s, the studio star system collapsed. A new locus of power began to shift from the studios to the actors. Majors were no longer a necessary component of an actor’s image. Still, the stars continued to be in demand. Their earnings were higher and they were allowed more flexibility. However, many of them did not hold on to most of their earnings when they worked for a major.

After some time, many stars began to own their own companies. This enabled them to arrange their taxes differently. Some of them started to create their own films. Others moved to television. But most of them remained in the movies.

The most successful movie stars found a character that they could play over and over. Some of them were iconic, others were generic. And still other stars straddled more than one type.

For example, Katharine Hepburn was one of the most famous female movie stars of the golden age. She had a strong independent personality and a unique accent. Her acting was strong. Her cheekbones were incredible.

Marlon Brando’s naturalism was magnetic. His ability to transform himself into a variety of characters was an inspiration. He also changed the definition of “good” acting. Many of his roles were challenging.

Other well-known movie stars include Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Tom Hardy, and Ryan Gosling. They have all taken on roles that range from comic book villains to iconic women. Despite the differences, they all share an innate sense of screen presence.

There is no easy way to categorize legendary movie stars. Nevertheless, there are some who stand out above the rest. If you have ever seen Cate Blanchett in a comic book or a role in a superhero film, you have seen her talent. Or, if you’ve seen Tilda Swinton in a Wes Anderson film or Joanna Hogg’s cult hit, The Ladykillers, you have witnessed her versatility.

One of the defining features of a movie star is the power of reputation. It gives the actor credibility on the screen, and it can make audiences flock to a theater or multiplex for a screening of a certain movie. Moreover, actors can remain credible screen presences for decades.

Whether they’re a comedian, a silent cowboy, or a seducer, some movie stars are a sure bet for megastardom. Those who achieve this status will find themselves earning larger paychecks, and they will enjoy the perks of a successful career.

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