Strangest Horror Franchises Out There Is The House Movies

One of the strangest horror franchises out there is the House Movies. The first movie was released in 1986 and was followed by a series of sequels. These four films share a similar backstory, but differ in the level of hysteria they bring. There is also a distinct hierarchy between the different House movies. Listed below are some of my favorites. Read on to learn about my favorite House movies.

House (also known as Hausu): This Japanese horror comedy follows the adventures of a high school girl named Oshare as she travels to her aunt’s house for the summer. She is accompanied by her six friends, each with a personality, and soon learns that the house is overgrown. Nevertheless, Oshare’s summer vacation is filled with adventures, as she discovers the house’s strange secrets. Despite its dark storyline, the movie still has a strong cast of characters.

M. Night Shyamalan has injected some of the most memorable twists into the house movie genre. ‘1408’, an award-winning movie that combines the dark history of a house with the vulnerability of its inhabitant, is another great haunted house flick. In Deep House, the haunted house is located at the bottom of a lake. In both movies, you’ll hear creaks and shadows, and the cold chills from a cold place.

The Haunting of Hill House is another classic haunted house movie. This movie starred Bette Davis and James Brolin and was a box-office hit. The hauntings were largely based on true events. It follows a family who moves into an old farmhouse only to discover it’s haunted. A woman named Allison Parker and her daughter meet strange characters while trying to escape the haunted house. The film also stars Margot Kidder and Stephen King.

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