The advantages of staying up late

Some people have exams these days. Reading or working late at night, yes, so we wanted to talk about staying up late. But everyone already knows that it’s not good. It has a negative effect on health. So let’s not talk about its drawbacks. Because today we will tell ‘ the advantages of staying up late ‘ for everyone to know. Many people may have read it.

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Does staying up late have any advantages? Of course, that’s not good. There are still advantages, but I do not recommend staying up late regularly. it’s not good for health

The advantages of staying up late that many people may not know

1. Spend more time with yourself.

During the night is the quietest time of the day. Because most people tend to sleep and rest. Therefore, it makes the atmosphere around you calm, quiet, and when the atmosphere around you becomes quieter. The more we hear our thoughts and feelings, the more often we revisit or reflect on the past, because the quiet atmosphere allows us to focus more on things, especially the story. We might have come up with a plan to do that right here. Or including some good creativity, because when we are quiet, we will think that and think about it. Of course, when using an idea, there must be one interesting idea. until you are able to create works such as thinking that you want to draw one then get up and draw and take photos for social media Maybe someone saw the work and asked to buy it.

2. Concentrate more than during the day

Because of the silence in the night No noise of people, no car noise, or other loud noises during the day, so many people choose to work/read a lot during this time because of the peace and quiet. The mind and our brain are rarely distracted. There is nothing that can draw attention. Thus, we are able to focus on the content in front of us better than during the day when people live. Plus, reading at night and falling asleep. It helps us remember the content very well.

3. You can see things around you more clearly.

The more we sleep late, we can look at things around us more and more, such as usually sleeping fast, playing mobile phones and then sleeping. But if we sleep late Sometimes you may feel like you have nothing to do. observe the room Observe yourself more, such as turning to look at the ground, eh. It’s dirty and here you can paint a little, rub a little, or maybe sit and look at the atmosphere around the house. Around the accommodation in another corner that we have never looked at before. look at the sky, see the moon, see the stars, which if it’s normal or we sleep early In any case, there would be no way to sit and look at this and enjoy like this. It’s definitely a change in the atmosphere during a period of time that I rarely go out because of the bad covid.

4. Doing things longer

The fact that we stay up late allows us to spend more time. Some people watch series, watch movies, watch cartoons, read books, listen to music, and follow the news. Some days, just studying or working until the end is thrown into the evening or evening. When it comes to holidays, I believe that many people would like to stay up late in order to be able to do what they like for a longer time. But these times tend to pass very quickly, especially when we are addicted to series, movies, cartoons, watching each other for a long time, and turn around again in the morning and often. Let me tell you that if you don’t want this to happen, we recommend setting the time you want to sleep. When it warns, turn it off and go to sleep. If you go to bed early often, it won’t be good. Keep your health.

5. Learned Loneliness

As I said, it’s very quiet at night, which makes our thoughts ring. including loneliness I believe that many single people will understand how good it feels, right? Many times I secretly think that if someone calls It would be nice to chat with each other. But the more often I sleep late, it may make us accustomed to loneliness by default. Because it seems that we have started to get used to being alone quietly, doing that and doing this by ourselves often, doing this and getting used to being alone, but really, we shouldn’t stay up late as often because will spoil your health If you stay up late because it is necessary, you can still find a solution. But if you sleep late because you can’t sleep, you should go to see a doctor. May have to check if we have insomnia or not. This kind of thing should not be overlooked.

6. Get instant late-night news

This is what is known as a coincidence that is an advantage. is during the night if an emergency occurs we may not know I can’t see because I’m asleep But what if we haven’t slept yet? We may have seen the news or saw something, it was said that the late night social power works very well. Some people help transfer money for people who are convenient. I also bought things to help the affected people or who are fans of Korean artists might be able to watch the idol come live. It’s also a good idea to post pictures late at night.

How are you doing with the 6 items of staying up late that we bring together? I believe that many people who stay up late would have experienced and seen its advantages as well. So I like to sleep late. But even so Staying up late often is not good. It’s a behavior that is very bad for your health. The best way is to get enough rest. should sleep no more than one o’clock Otherwise, we will not learn much. wake up in the morning and sleepy Not active, memory will not be good as well. If it’s not a holiday, don’t sleep late. Although there are some advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Anyway, keep your health together.

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