The Benefits of Magnetic Screens for Doors

Are you looking to allow a breath of fresh air in your house and be able to walk easily in and out of your door, all while keeping bugs and the weather out? Are you not really looking to spend a fortune to install a screen door on your home?

A magnetic screen door that attaches to your door frame might be right for you. Magnetic screens for doors are easy to install, cost efficient, and extremely handy for daily use in your home. Read along to find out some of the benefits of these awesome accessories for your home!

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Easy Installation

Magnetic screen doors really couldn’t be easier to install. Everything you need to put them on your home is included in most kits.

Generally, all you’ll need are the metal thumbtacks, the hooks and loops, a tape measure and you’ll be ready to go.

The magnetic screen door can be fit to most doorways, whether that’s your front or back door, or a sliding door that opens into your patio. This allows for great customization when you purchase one for your home.

Opens and Closes with Ease 

Magnetic screen doors open and close without effort, making them easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about them closing behind you. They naturally will close themselves after you walk through.

These screens have a magnet lined inner seam that allows you to walk through it without ever having to lift a finger. This allows you to carry that plate of food or a birthday cake out to the deck without having to struggle with a handle or ask for help.

Just give a little nudge and it’ll open and after you walk through, magically it’ll close behind you, never letting anything that should get through into your home.

Made of Heavy-Duty Material

The mesh on a magnetic screen door is extremely heavy-duty, more so than the material made up of a traditional rigid screen door. This allows for years of use without wearing out or having to replace the screens due to inadvertent tears that you see in other screen doors.

Because it is built to last, this means that it can be left up year-round, and you don’t have to worry about it withstanding the hottest of days in the summer or the bitter cold in the winter.

Once installed, there’s virtually no maintenance needed, just use it freely and set it and forget it.

Magnetic Screen Doors are Kid and Pet Friendly

One of the big problems with traditional screen doors is that they are difficult to operate for kids due to their hard-to-reach door handles and stiff recoil mechanisms. In addition to this, pets will stand and wait and the door for you to let them out.

With a magnetic screen door kids and pets can pass through easily due to the simple way that they open and close. This makes it great for kids playing in the yard and have to use the bathroom or pets to let themselves in and out as they please.

No longer do you need to keep getting up to let kids and and pets in and out of the house, making the magnetic screen door extremely convenient for pet owners and parents alike.

Let Fresh Air In, Keep Nature Out

The whole idea behind any screen door is to keep your doors open to allow a fresh breath of air into your home to clear out the stuffiness and enjoy the beautiful weather, all while keeping out flies, bees, and other insects who are drawn into your home.

Magnetic screen doors allow you to change any doorway into a source of fresh air. Easily turn your patio door into a relaxing cool breeze maker by simply installing one of these on the frame.

The heavy-duty mesh will keep all the little critters you don’t want into your home on the other side of the door while you’re relaxing in the cool air inside of your home.

Cost Efficient

A typical screen door can cost anywhere from $200 to over $1000 to install on your home. This just isn’t practical for everyone.

A good magnetic screen door costs less than $25 to purchase and there is no need to hire anyone to install it. This is truly the best way to put a screen on your doorway to enjoy the perks of a screen door without the hefty price tag.

In Closing

As you can see, the benefits to installing a magnetic screen door on your home are wide-ranging. From the cost efficiency to the ease of use and installation, you’ll not be disappointed in your purchase. Try one out on your home today and start enjoying the weather at a fraction of the cost!

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