Today eSports is a full-fledged way of earning money. Professional gamers train as real athletes and become millionaires because some disciplines pay well. If you consider becoming a cyberathlete, our list of the most lucrative and widespread eSports games will help you to choose the right discipline.


Even beginners in eSports have certainly heard of this game. In the previous decade, fans of this game have started tuning into eSports events in Dota 2 and the prize pools in the biggest Dota 2 tournaments continue growing. In one of the Dota 2 tournaments, the fans have contributed more than $38 million! Dota 2 debuted as a discipline at the World Cyber Games, which was once the world’s largest eSports event. In 2011, DOTA2 competed in their very first championship, The International, for an unprecedented $1,000,000 (and that only for first place). 

Dota 2 was originally a separate downloadable map for Warcraft 3, but today it is the most popular MOBA game. What makes MOBAs so popular? This genre of game is extremely convenient for eSports tournaments. So, the essence of the game is that the two teams are fighting each other online in the battle arena. Each team has a fixed number of players (in Dota 2 there are five), and the arena has a map. As in any battle, members of each team have their abilities, weapons, as well as fortresses and other defensive structures thebirdsworld .  


Counter Strike must also be included in our list. This was a cyber sport discipline in more than 10 different championships. At the moment CS:GO remains the main discipline in many eSports tournaments and competitions. More than 6000 gamers play this shooter professionally, and it is one of the most interesting details about this infosportsworld game. 

The game “Global Offensive” is relatively new: it was released in 2012, and it is based on the same graphics and game mechanics as the original game “Counter Strike”. And it was the first game of this art with a “conquer” mode, which is used for competitions and tournaments. As in DOTA 2, here there are two teams, and each of them has five players. However, since 2016 the CS:GO tournaments have already given to players prizes in amount  of more than $30 million. 


Overwatch is a new MOBA shooter but has already established itself as one of the most popular and profitable eSports disciplines. The game has different heroes with unique abilities. Even though the game is still very new, it is already conquering the tournament grounds, and in the future world championships will be held. The tasks remain the same – you have to destroy the enemy’s base. In the process, you pump up skills and get new weapons. Hurricane battles and excellent graphics await you. What about numbers? Since 2016, Overwatch League has already given away more than $5 million in cash prizes!


This game is currently one of the highest-earning eSports games. This MOBA looks simpler than DotA 2, but it is based on a complex system that makes every match unique. The diversity of this game makes it very popular.

Since 2011 there has been an independent League of Legends World Championship. And tournaments in League of Legends have a prize pool of several million dollars. Here is just one example of it: in 2016 the League of Legends World Championship had a prize pool of more than $5 million.  This MOBA is very popular because of the variety of playable characters and graphics. The number of progamers who play this game is also very high: 4300 players. 


Fortnite is a third-person survival shooter that was launched by Epic games in 2017. The game has three different game modes, the most popular of which is “battle royale. Players alone or in squads of up to four allies jump onto an island and survive. Globally, the goal is the same: to remain the sole survivor (or survivors if in a squad). Fortnite is certainly less popular than Dota 2 or Overwatch League, but the popularity of this discipline continues to grow rapidly.

In conclusion, all of these disciplines definitely pay well and are worth-playing. However, if you want to choose between eSports disciplines, it is very important to choose the game you enjoy the most. Only the in-depth knowledge of the game will guarantee you success and winnings.

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