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What is the Spread Foundation in Construction?

What is foundation

Foundation in addition, construction or renovation work is very important as it is an important factor in transferring the weight of the building to the piles. provide effective weight gain If the construction is done incorrectly according to the principles, it will affect the strength of the building.

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Foundation (Footing) is the part of the structure below the soil surface. serves to carry the weight from the pole and then poured into the ground Using a reinforced concrete foundation is easy and quick to construct. including being strong Resistant to weathering The foundation or bunting is one of the elements of the underground house structure. which affects the weight of the building or the whole house. The structure is reinforced concrete because it is in the soil layer with moisture, therefore it must have good moisture resistance properties.

Foundations are very important structural components of a house and are supported by the weight of the piers. Then transfer the weight directly into the soil or transfer the weight into the pile until the soil is hard. Therefore, we have divided into two main types, which are laid-on-ground foundations and pile-based foundations.

A spread foundation, also known as a spread foundation, is a foundation that transfers weight directly into the soil below. for the soil to be the load bearing Suitable for structures grown on areas with hard topsoil, such as near mountains or high places where drilling is difficult. or suitable for light constructions placed on compacted sandy soil, such as fences, garage roofs (light roofing materials), which may be subject to subsidence depending on the soil conditions and the weight of the building. Ground foundations can also be divided into three types: Isolated Spread Footing, Combined Footings and Mat or Raft Foundation masstamilan.

– Isolate Spread Footing is a foundation that can support the weight of a single column or pier. and transfer the weight to the soil. The distance of each pillar is not much apart. Can be designed in many shapes But the popular ones are squares and canvases. good single spread foundation The location of the pier is in the center of the foundation. but in case it is necessary to build close to the land boundary which the foundation cannot penetrate into the neighboring land area The engineer will design the location of the pier to be placed on either side of the foundation, known as the “foot-foot”. or foundations close to the district (Strap Footing)” by having to design the structure of the beams attached to other foundations to achieve stability

– Combined Footings are foundations where more than 2 footings are joined together in the same foundation. Often used in cases where the foundation cannot be made separately, for example, a house with columns about 1.5 – 2 meters apart expotab.

– Mat or Raft Foundation looks like a large joint spreading all the same piece. Every pillar will rest on this foundation. It is often used in cases where the soil has little bearing capacity. This results in the need for quite frequent poles. So making the foundation together is easier. and increase the strength in battle with more weight

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